University of California Berkeley (UCB): Another name of excellence!

With campuses in Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz, the University of California is a system of public colleges in California, the United States. The independent College of California was established in Oakland in 1855, and this is where the university got its start.

University of California Berkeley

The university moved to Berkeley in 1873 after merging in 1868 with the Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College, which had been founded as a land-grant institution in 1866. Over time, other schools joined the system. The system is run by a 26-member board of trustees, with about 300,000 students enrolled.

The Southern Branch of the university’s Los Angeles campus was established in 1919, and it was given its current name in 1927. The largest campus in the system, it enrolls about 46,000 educators in the College of Letters and Science and 12 professional schools, including those for law, engineering, and applied science.

The world acclaimed School of Cinema, Film, and Television also houses a sizable collection of films, newsreels, and television shows. More than 125 subjects offer undergraduate degrees, while more than 120 offer graduate and professional degrees. The Southern California Geological Center, the Institute of the Environment issues, the AIDS Institute, and the Institute of Transportation Studies are just a few of the more than 290 research institutions housed at UCLA, one of the top research universities in the nation.


University of California Berkeley
Campus has a very rich academic heritage and learning culture

Additionally, the university is well-known for its athletic teams, which have won more NCAA championships than almost all other universities in the country. John Wooden’s men’s basketball teams were particularly notable (1948–75). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball), Arthur Ashe (tennis), Evelyn Ashford (track), and Jackie Robinson were outstanding UCLA athletes (baseball).


There are around 45,000 students enrolled at the system’s flagship campus in Berkeley. More than 350-degree programs are offered by its 15 schools and colleges, which include ones for optometry, public health, social welfare, public policy, natural resources, media, and environmental design. A significant scientific organization, it runs the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the area and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, the Energy Institute, the Cancer Research Laboratory, and the Space Sciences Laboratory.

So, On campus, museums focus on the arts, botany, anthropology, and science. Numerous eminent scientists, including Glenn T. Seaborg and Luis W. Alvarez, both Nobel laureates in physics, have served on its faculty (chemistry).

So, Berkeley’s College of Engineering enjoys that nearly all its undergraduate students graduate in four years or less—98% do so. But UC Berkeley is renowned for more STEM fields than just engineering. The science program at the institution is well-known. J. is one of the former college instructors. Ernest Lawrence and R. Oppenheimer created the atomic bomb (inventor of the cyclotron, which played a crucial role in discovering and creating 16 elements at the Berkeley Lab).

In truth, UC Berkeley has extraordinarily high standards across various disciplines. There are 30 MacArthur Fellows, also called “Genius Grants,” and 99 Nobel laureates among Berkeley alumni, teachers, and researchers.

University of California Berkeley
University nurtures talent and helps to achieve greater targets

Student Life:

Berkeley doesn’t have a dull moment. With over 35,000 international students and a bustling city environment, it’s understandable that the university community talks of a “fear of being left out.” Get involved and see how vibrant and engaged Berkeley life can be.

Thirty thousand nine hundred eighty undergraduate students are enrolled at the University of California-Berkeley overall (fall 2020), with a sex ratio of 46% male and 54% female. At this university, 8% of students reside in housing owned, operated, or linked with the college, and 92% of residents live off school. The University of California-Berkeley competes in the NCAA I sports.


UC Berkeley is renowned for its academic excellence and athletic prowess. Berkeley graduates have won 185 total Olympic medals, including 105 gold, 47 silver, and 33 bronze, more than alumni from any other school outside UCLA.

Many UC Berkeley graduates have gone on to have great careers in pro sports in addition to their outstanding amateur athletics. UC Berkeley has sent more participants to the Peace Corps than any other university, albeit it’s not an exciting activity. 3,741 Berkeley alums had given their time since the program’s start in 1961 as of 2020.

University of California Berkeley
Students participate and organize many events

More than 1,000 student organizations recognized by Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement (SOLE) are located on the UC Berkeley campus, making it almost sure that a student will find a group that piques their interest.

The Daily Californian, the university’s student-run newspaper that covers the institution and the city of Berkeley, is a well-liked extracurricular activity. The Daily Californian, one of the oldest publications on the west coast, was founded in 1871 and is fully managed by current and current UC Berkeley students.


The “Stanford Axe,” given to the victor of the annual football match between UC Berkeley and Stanford (referred to as the “Big Game”) since 1933, is one of the oldest and most renowned UC Berkeley customs. The “Stanford Axe’s” history is more sinister; it initially appeared at a Stanford pep rally in 1899, was taken by Berkeley students immediately after, and remained in their possession for the next 31 years until it was recovered by a group of Stanford students called as the “Immortal 21.”

Students at UC Berkeley sometimes massage the stone globe in front of the Chapel for good luck before exams, earning the nickname “4.0 ball” from the monument.


The campus at UC Berkeley is regarded as among the most stunning in the nation. The third-largest bell and bell tower in the world, its 307-foot tall Campanile (the Sather Tower) is undoubtedly the most recognizable feature in the East Bay. In total, 27 percent of undergraduates and 95 percent of first-year students reside on campus.

Financial Help:

Since UC Berkeley is a public institution, there are different fees and admission requirements for local, out-of-state, and international students. The quality of UC Berkeley is one thing that never changes. Between two other UC System universities, UC Irvine and UCLA, Forbes rates the institution sixth on its list of the Best Value Colleges.

University of California Berkeley
Financial Aid is available to students who need it

The University of California Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan, which enables qualified California students from households with yearly earnings under $80,000 to pay no tuition at all after grants and scholarships, is one famous financial aid scheme.

Why the University of California Berkeley? 

The University of California at Berkeley offers top-notch academics, fantastic extracurricular activities, a lovely location in the Bay Area, affordable tuition, and a rich heritage. The education and fees that Cal’s 31,000 undergraduates pay each year are slightly over $14,000 ($29,000 more than that for non-California residents). Still, they get an education that is probably more comprehensive than what they would get at archrival Stanford.

To help low- and reasonable families pay for college, the federal government offers Pell Grants, awarded to about 21% of first-year students and 43% of transfer students at Cal. These pupils succeed on their own because they are so driven. On average, alumni of Cal earn enough to recoup their education expenses in 1.45 years.


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