United States should not hype ‘Chinese Threat’, says China

Beijing [China]: Chinese Foreign Ministry speaker Wang Wenbin on Friday contacted Washington not to buzz the “Chinese danger,” talking about US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s current statement on China posing a challenge to the global order.

In a significant policy speech at George Washington College on Thursday, Blinken said that China is the only country on the planet that has both the intent and also the capability to improve the existing worldwide order, reported Sputnik.
” The United States side stated that China is the most serious long-lasting obstacle to the world order, this is a distortion of the reality, China has actually always been, is and will be the protector of the worldwide order,” Wenbin informed reporters, adding that the United States spreads false information and hypes the “Chinese threat” to limit the Oriental nation’s advancement.

Joe Biden with Xi Ping

Earlier, Blinken stated President Joe Biden’s administration is not seeking a “Cold War” with China yet wants Beijing to stick to global guidelines. He likewise claimed that Washington sees Beijing as a “long-lasting challenge”.

” We are not searching for dispute or a new Cold War. To the contrary, we’re determined to avoid both,” Blinken said Thursday in a much-anticipated speech that set out the US’ China policy.

” However we will protect and enhance the international regulation, agreements, principles, and also institutions that preserve tranquility and protection, secure the legal rights of individuals as well as sovereign nations, as well as make it feasible for all nations– including the USA and also China– to exist together as well as comply,” he stated.

The top United States mediator used his comments today at George Washington University to clarify existing policies rather than unveiling any type of vibrant brand-new instructions toward China.

Throughout his 30 minutes address, Blinken reflected on United States Head of state Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) news as well as the Quad conference earlier today during his very first Asia trip.

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