UN Security Council to meet on Afghanistan

Washington DC [US], August 30 : With the US military drawdown from Afghanistan on the verge of completion, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is set to meet at 3 pm Eastern Time (ET) Monday, to discuss the ongoing developments in Afghanistan.
The UN Security Council is likely to be briefed by a UN official on the latest situation in the war-ravaged country, CNN reported. Earlier, France, the UK and non-Council member Germany proposed a resolution “calling for safe passage for those leaving Afghanistan,” that would include counterterrorism, human rights, and humanitarian elements.
According to CNN, UN Security Council is expected to vote to approve a resolution calling for a safe passage area for people wanting to leave Kabul airport after the US departs.
Earlier today, Russian news agency Sputnik reported that Council is not engaged in any discussions regarding the possibility of sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.
“There are currently no discussions at the UNSC on sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan and in particular to Kabul,” the source said, as quoted by Sputnik.
“UK/US/FR text under negotiations. It is hoped to be endorsed by the whole council as soon as possible. The aim would be to ensure that those Afghans who wish to leave can do so in a secured manner – and with a safe and secure access to the point of departure,” the UNSC source said.

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