UK’s Johnson’s rating down to lowest since taking Office

London [UK]: The rating of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson reached its lowest point since 2019 when the politician came to power, the UK Evening Standard newspaper reported on Monday, citing the poll by the Ipsos MORI market research company.
The poll showed that 55% of adult UK citizens disagree that Johnson possesses the traits that are necessary for a good prime minister, however, 34% have the opposite opinion. The ratio makes a net score of -21, which is the lowest since June 2019, one month before Johnson became the prime minister. Additionally, 62% of Britons said they are dissatisfied with Johnson’s actions, and it is the worst score since October 2020. The rating of Johnson’s party, the Conservatives, has dropped by 4 points to 35% since September, while the Labor Party stayed at the same level with 36%.
However, the Evening Standard suggests that the Labor Party and its leader, Keir Starmer, have not succeeded yet in winning over voters, despite the worsening results of Johnson and his party.
Almost a half of respondents assume that the government is not coping with the pandemic well, and the number of those unhappy with anti-COVID-19 policies rose by 12 points compared with September.
The survey involved 1,007 UK citizens aged 18 and more and was conducted by phone from October 29 until November 4.

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