UK universities to probe illegal use of study drugs by students, work out new rules

London [UK]: Universities UK, an organization comprised of 140 British higher education institutions, said that next year it will investigate the use of so-called “study drugs” among students to enhance their academic performance, and develop a new set of regulations on the issue.
“Only limited evidence is available about the use of cognitive enhancers, so-called ‘study drugs’, by UK students. However, Universities UK is launching a major study of illicit drug use in universities at the beginning of 2022. This will include research into the supply, demand and use of drugs by students and will result in a new framework and guidance for universities by the end of next year,” the organization told The Times newspaper in a report released on Monday. According to the findings of the media outlet, students regularly resort to modafinil sleeping pills, ritalin and dexamfetamine against attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, among other drugs, as a way to boost their academic performance. The medications are rather simple to obtain online for about 2 pounds ($2.68) each, the outlet said, citing students.
The universities have not officially banned the use of the drugs, which have not been properly studied for side effects, raising concerns over possible health risks. The authorities might make possession of certain of these pills obtained without prescription a criminal offense, according to the newspaper.

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