UK Café Charges Differently Based On Your Politeness

Preston [UK]: They say kindness always will pay off properly for a restaurant in the UK; kindness does repay, besides in reductions and chai!

We all know that most humans are well mannered at the same time when setting their order when they go to an eating place or a cafe, but unluckily, that is no longer the case all the time. Hence, in a bid to sell a type and well-mannered mindset in the direction of staff, a restaurant in the UK thought of an extraordinary concept of giving human beings financial advantages in return!

A cafe serving ‘Desi chai’ (tea) in UK’s Preston has curated a menu as a good way to rate human beings based on how polite they may be even when ordering.

Preston’s ‘Chaii Stop’ overcharges folks who are impolite while placing their order and gives discounts to people who ask for their orders with politeness. A picture of their menu card has long gone viral on social media. It describes how extraordinary fees will follow depending on how and what phrases clients use to reserve their tea.

They wrote the caption of the photograph as “Being polite definitely goes a long way,”

Well, this gesture by the cafe is broadly preferred throughout the internet.

Many even took to the post’s comment section to express their appreciation for the initiative. An Instagram person wrote, “Manners don’t price a factor! Love this!”

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