UK-based NGO expresses concern over humanitarian crisis affecting Afghan children

Kabul [Afghanistan] (ANI): UK-based international NGO “Save the Children” has expressed grave concern over the humanitarian crisis affecting Afghan children and said the cold weather has greatly increased problems for the young in the country.
Save the Children said that millions are hungry, out of school, displaced, and face the threat of cold weather. They need urgent humanitarian assistance, Tolo News reported citing the organisation’s statement. “Families at the moment are struggling to eat. Nearly five million children are one step away from famine, so it is absolutely critical that the international community continue to support Afghanistan,” said Kristiana Marton, an officer at Save the Children.
Ahmad Hussain, 11, is one of millions of Afghan children who is working to afford food for his 11-member family. He said that poverty forced him to leave school.
“I was in school, but I left it after my father lost his job. Every day, I earn about 50 to 60 afghani,” Ahmad Hussain told Tolo News. “I polish shoes to find the money to buy bread for my family; in these cold days, few people come,” said Kaihan.
Afghanistan has been in turmoil since the Taliban took control of the war-torn nation in mid-August.
Moreover, the humanitarian crisis has spiked since international aid has dried up. (Image source: Instagram)

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