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U.S. military clarity in Iraq for the Biden-Kadhimi summit

As Biden attempts to stop the attacks of the army groups, the Iraqi PM will pursue a clearer timeframe for evacuation of U.S. ‘combat’ military.

On Monday, the latest “Strategic discussion” in weeks on the future of US troops in Iraq, Iranian-ligneled groups, and concerns that ISIL may resurge will welcome Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to the White House (ISIS).

At the top of the agenda for al-Kadhimi, the former director of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service who became prime minister in May 2020, will be attaining a more concrete timeline for the withdrawal of US “combat” troops, a category that the Biden administration has yet to define.

The US in April tentatively agreed to the withdrawal, which is part of Baghdad’s careful balancing of competing Iranian and US influence in the country.

“What the prime minister needs to go back with to lower the political heat in his country is a deadline for this withdrawal of combat troops,” Douglas Ollivant, the former National Security Council director for Iraq under the administrations of George W Bush and Barack Obama, told Al Jazeera.

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