Tuhina Das: ‘It Is Getting Really Suffocating For Actors’

While Tuhina Das is excited about the release of ‘Aparajita’, the actress is also anxious because shootings of several Bengali films are getting stalled due to the COVID third wave. Tuhina, who had been working on a couple of more projects, informed CT that all her projects have now been postponed till February.

She said, “It is getting really suffocating for actors. We are freelancers and cannot work from home. So when there is no work, there is no income and that is really getting tough for us. I really hope that the situation gets better from next month and we can start our work.”

Rohan Sen’s film, Aparajita, is based on a father-daughter relationship, with veteran actor Shantilal Mukherjee playing the father and Tuhina, his daughter. “The primary reason I agreed to do the project was the story. It is about a father and his daughter who live in the same house, but do not speak to each other. The daughter holds the father responsible for her mother’s death. At the same time, they communicate through a diary. Every day, before leaving for work, Aparjita notes down what has been cooked for the day and so on,” she added.

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