TTP may consider ceasefire after Pak govt agrees to release its terrorists

Pakistani soldiers arrive at the site of a suicide bombing in Quetta on November 25, 2017. At least four people died and 19 others were injured in a suicide attack in the southwestern city of Quetta on November 25, officials said. / AFP PHOTO / BANARAS KHAN

Peshawar [Pakistan] : After Islamabad reportedly agreed to release several Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists in the first phase, the terrorists might declare a nationwide ceasefire in return, reported a local media.
“The prisoners were supposed to be freed on November 1 this year but then there were some technical issues that delayed the release process. Then they were required to be freed on November 4 but again it didn’t happen due to some reasons,” The News quoted a source privy to the negotiations as saying. Some of the prisoners including top Taliban leaders in Swat, Mehmood Khan and Muslim Khan, were taken to Afghanistan for their “likely release”, said the newspaper citing the source.
Former spokesperson of the TTP, Maulvi Omar was reportedly in the first batch of prisoners who were supposed to be free as a “goodwill” gesture.
However, the development has not been confirmed by the Pakistani authorities and Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khurasani.
The TTP had earlier demanded from the government to release five of its senior “leaders” so that they can start trusting the government’s seriousness in the talks, the newspaper reported citing the sources.
“Pakistani authorities themselves offered to 102 prisoners, including the five important leaders so that the peace process could yield results,” The News reporter the sources as saying.
All the prisoner terrorists had been taken from various prisons in the country to the headquarters of North Waziristan, Miransha for their likely shifting to Khost in Afghanistan and handing over to the Afghan Taliban for their release, the newspaper reported citing the sources.
“None of the prisoners had been shifted to Afghanistan yet. They are still in Miranshah but can be taken any time to cross the border in Afghanistan,” The News quoted the sources.
“There have been a series of fruitful meetings between the Pakistan government and leaders of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan. The first meeting had taken place in Kabul after the fall of Kabul and then two sessions were held in Khost province of Afghanistan in which the two sides exchanged views and proposals for meaningful dialogue,” The News quoted one member of the negotiation team as saying on condition of anonymity.
The acting interior minister in the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, Sirajuddin Haqqani is reportedly playing a role of a mediator between Pakistan and the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to reach a “broader” “peace agreement” to bring an end to the two-decades of militancy in Pakistan, Dawn reported.(

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