Tripura sends Kew variety of pineapple and organic turmeric to Kolkata

Agartala: Continuing the export efforts of the Tripura government, the horticulture department has dispatched a consignment of 1000 kilograms of Kew variety pineapples and 1,800 kilograms of organic turmeric to Kolkata by Sealdah express. The officials said producers of the Unokoti district were paid Rs 14 per piece of pineapple and Rs 19 for each kilogram of organic turmeric.

The purchaser Big Basket has executed the deal with the help of Sikkim State Cooperative Supply Marketing Federation Ltd, an organic retail agency. Unokoti Organic Producer Group Ltd, a group of 512 farmers of the district had last week also sent one metric ton of pineapples and five metric tons of organic turmeric.

In spite of great difficulties due to the Covid pandemic, Tripura has already sent eight consignments of pineapple and lemon to the UK and the Middle East and more than 20 consignments to different Indian cities in the last two months, officials said.

Wood apple and tamarind are not yet commercially grown in Tripura, and farmers will be more interested in these products from now on as a result of the state government’s initiative, they hoped.

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