Tricks To Wear Lighter Lipsticks On Indian Skin Tones

Have you ever faced the dilemma of a lipstick shade being too light or bright for your skin tone? Well, if you are an Indian with a wheatish complexion or darker, you probably face this issue more often. Whenever you try to buy nude lipstick, there is a possibility of it being something that won’t suit your lips. Even fair skin tones which are slightly olive can have shades that are too light or bright for your complexion. Simply swatching the lipstick shades on your arm doesn’t always ensure you brought the right one. And now since the pandemic is on, in-store purchases are forced to move online, which can be even more frustrating. So what do you do when you end up with the wrong shade of lipstick? Here are some tips that can help you be happy with your purchase.

Firstly make an effort to try and find the right nude shade that you know will complement your skin tone. This will make it easier to then enhance and tweak the shade to suit you even if it doesn’t look exactly the same as that on the website.

Moisturise And Correct
Shades that are lighter or brighter than expected tend to stand out more against deeper complexions and so it is important that your lips are throughly moiturised. It is also important to do a bit of colour correction as your lips maybe more pigmented. Pigmented lips change the way a lipstick looks when applied. So, either use a tinted lip balm or go one step further and dab concealer on your lips. You can then proceed to apply your colour.

Blur Out The Edges
Bright lipsticks can look tacky if it is applied too precisely on darker complexions. To make it look more natural, use a lip brush to blur out the edges so that there are no harsh lines. This will work wonders for you and you will find this trick is extremely useful when you want to achieve makeup looks that have a lived-in, effortless vibe.

Gloss And Shine
Ideally, lighter shades can look wonderful as is, if you choose a glossy formula instead of matte ones. Nude matte lipsticks can make your face look dull if your complexion is deeper. On the other hand, glossy or hydrating formulas will subtly add glow to your visage and not be a problem even if the shade is super light. Even if you do end up with a nude matte lipstick, you can still use it along with highlighter. Either mix it with highlighter or just highlight your Cupid’s bow and voila, it’s perfect.

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