Travel With PIKME: A Low-Cost Travel Solutions, Still With Luxury

New Delhi [India]: PIKME, an online travel agency that offers travel solutions for both B2B and B2C segments is inviting travellers to explore tours and destinations through one of the leading platforms. PIKME provides a versatile selection of flights, hotels, activities, and tour reservations to almost everywhere around the globe.

PIKME team saw the lapses and need for a reliable, low-cost OTA supplier and strived to be a reliable travel partner.

Founded by Beena Parikh in 2018, PIKME took its own time to reach a shape of perfection. This mushroom team limited in size has a skilled team that generates core results. Manoj Singh and Edward contribute the best of this design and UI & UX, and SriLalitha KR makes sure the platform has the right talent and administrates the entire process cycle. Srikanth Patil does his best to reach a targeted audience with his digital marketing skill and expertise. Finally, the gameplay of operations is showing the right path to success and earning the customer’s trust by staying focused on its objectives and goals is done by Aneesh Shenoy. No doubt, travellers around the world find it difficult to make reservations and get affordable travel reservations when making plans for a holiday.

The rise in exorbitant prices in the travel industry inadvertently leads to unsatisfied customers. The team at PIKME observed the various obstacles faced by everyday travellers and embarked on a mission to change the narrative.

PIKME is dedicated to making travel and tourism affordable and luxurious, helping customers to make the most of their budget within India and across the globe with pocket-friendly and a remarkable experience with the corporate objectives and motto.

PIKME’s Primary Objectives
– To Create an Unforgettable wow experience
– To offer low-cost travel solutions, still with luxury and style
– No additional hidden charges
– Trust, Reliability and dependency
– 0 per cent Cancellation Charges
– 0 per cent Service Charges
– 0 per cent Convivence Fees
Guests have a 0 per cent risk of them opting to get cover under any unseen conditions. Guests are offered a 100 per cent refund on any cancellation of the pre-booked itinerary due to any valid reason like medical conditions including pre-existing disease; maternity related; accidents; cancellation of services by the airline; geographical conditions; family members affected by Covid19; flat tyres; public transport failure and more.

Unforgettable Experience – PIKME looks beyond just travel and ensures customers have a wow experience through our all-in-one travel services. The agency offers global travellers access to various attractions like must-go-to destinations or resorts to spend their holidays. Further, PIKME runs a background check regarding the safety and other areas of concern for the prospective clients.

Low-cost Travel Solution – Another area that triggers PIKME’s story and concern for global travellers is the cost of travelling. Also, the challenges faced by global travellers to make a reservation to their desired destinations before arrival. The agency decided to provide a solution to this issue by offering low-cost flight tickets and premium hotel reservations without additional charges.

Full Refunds With a 0 per cent Cancellation Fees – PIKME’s prices are unbeatable among other travelling agencies in India and around the world. They render affordable flight fares, hotel reservations, and other travel products to everyone. With PIKME, all the travel woes are over.

PIKME is your #1 online travel agency based in Bangalore, India. The agency provides booking services on flights, hotels and tours to both domestic and international travellers at a pocket-friendly rate. PIKME gives access to low-cost flight tickets, the best hotel reservations, affordable travel packages, and unforgettable wow travel experiences to global travellers.

For more information contact –
Phone #: +91 9056-45-9056
Email: [email protected]
Office Address: #92A, 12th Main, 5th Cross, Old Airport Road, Bangalore – 560071

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