Trade Analysts: Yash’s ‘K.G.F: Chapter 2’ To Enter Rs 1000 Crore Club Soon

Yash’s KGF: Chapter 2 has been minting money at the box office. Within a week, the film was declared a blockbuster all across the globe. Directed by Prashanth Neel, the film is all set to enter the Rs 1000 crore club in the next few days. Now, in a conversation with the entertainment channel, the industry’s trade analysts break down the success of KGF: Chapter 2.

Speaking about the factors that worked in favor of KGF: Chapter 2, trade expert Ramesh Bala was quoted saying, “KGF chapter 1 was a reasonable middle-level success in Hindi – it made Rs 40 to 45 crore. Eventually, KGF: Chapter 2 gained a cult status through satellite TV and OTT channels. Everybody watched Chapter 1 on their mobile phones. So, the expectations for KGF: Chapter 2 were skyhigh. It is because the story is about a guy who comes from a humble background and goes to the top. This is a typical mass masala movie and people were able to relate to it. Hence, the audience were desperately waiting for Chapter 2. The advance bookings were so strong, and post the release, the audiences were satisfied with the film. The rating was 4 stars above and word of mouth was strong. Everything worked in favor of the film, not only in Hindi but Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There is no single language where the film is not appreciated and it exploded at the box-office.

Trade veteran Taran Adarsh’s response echoed Ramesh’s thoughts and said, “Many factors worked for the film. Firstly, it’s a franchise. KGF: Chapter 1 had built a strong fan base. People were waiting for the second part and the first part was very much loved. It was released with zero expectations and yet it proved to be a successful venture. People were very curious to see how Rocky bhai (Yash’s character) would carry the story forward. Over a period of time, people watched the first part on television. So, basically, when you have a strong repeat audience, you expect the next part to be bigger. Like Baahubali, the first part was a success, but it created a base for the second part. Similarly, KGF Chapter 1 created a base for the second part. Here, the second part is doing phenomenally well. Having said that the content is brilliant, it has many fantastic moments. More importantly, it’s a big screen wholesome entertainer that’s thoroughly enjoyable. I went to the 6 am show at the IMAX and it was packed.”

Akshaye Rathi, a film exhibitor and distributor, said,” What worked for the film is it’s intrinsic value. It’s a film that actually caters to literally every section of the social strata, including the long tale. And what added to it is the style of storytelling, which was as cinematic as it gets. The scale, the spectacle value and the big action scenes that received a collective response from the audience – all of these factors put together in a genre is what really did the trick.”

He further added, “To be honest, I really think had the film not been released during Ramzan, it would have been an even bigger hit. A huge section of that mass audience who are Muslims don’t watch movies during Ramzan. So, had the movie actually come post-Ramzan, the success that we are looking at, which is already massive, would probably have been even bigger.”

The Hindi version of the film made record-breaking numbers. Talking about the film’s performance, Ramesh said, “The numbers we saw in the first four days and the first week, KGF: Chapter 2 is on fire. It has also done the maximum possible business in Hindi, so you can’t go beyond all time No. 1, isn’t it? Coming to its home state, Karnataka, the film is doing all-time number 1 collection. It is doing better than other films that were released in the same week. RRR is a Telugu film. KGF is doing well in the two states but not at RRR level. Now, the screens and shows of KGF Chapter 2 have been increasing gradually.”

Ramesh also opined that RRR and KGF: Chapter 2 cannot be compared. He added, “There is no direct correlation except two movies from the South doing well. People enjoyed RRR, it was a massive box office success. RRR just set the environment of people coming back to the theaters after Covid. There was no more fear. That way it helped. There was enough space between RRR and KGF, so both films could do great.”

However, Taran noted, “Well, both are different films, larger-than-life experiences and wholesome entertainment. These are the two commonalities between the two films.”

Akshaye said, “The fact that a mass film has released during Ramzan and earned Rs. 250 crore in the Hindi belt alone is unprecedented.”

Talking about Yash and his impact, Ramesh states, “Definitely, his stardom has gone up by several notches after KGF: Chapter 2’s success. Everyone who has watched the film from Kashmir to Kanayakumari has praised Yash’s performance, his swag, etc. Now, everyone is looking forward to Chapter 3. We can call him the pan-India superstar now. Also, we now have to see what kind of movies he will do next and how they will perform.”

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