Tourism Ministry promotes job-oriented courses in J-K’s Srinagar

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]: Job oriented courses for the youth, supervised by the Ministry of Tourism are in full swing in Srinagar’s Hotel Management college.

In the Institute of Hotel Management, the youth are offered various courses that include the Degree as well as Diploma courses that get them their jobs at the end of their course, according to the Principal of the Institute.
Speaking to ANI, Principal Institute of Hotel Management, Shabir Ahmad said, “We have Degree as well as Diploma courses. If we talk about our track record and last year, we had 82 students in the final year, all of them are placed. We have the support of the Ministry of Tourism despite the conditions that are prevailing in the valley. There are campus interviews here and the students are placed through this.”

Ahmad told ANI that the interest of the students of the Valley has increased over the past three years in various courses offered by the Institute and the representation in the courses has increased to almost half of the total strength of the class.

“If we talk about the students of Jammu and Kashmir three years from now, there was less inclination towards it. But due to the conduct of the Joint Entrance Examination for the past 2-3 years, earlier there used to be more students from outside the UT, but from past three years, the ratio has reached 50, 50. The interest of the students of the Valley is increasing in this course. A lot of awareness has spread here,” he said.

Speaking to ANI, a student, Sana Imtiyaz said, “I am doing a course in Hospitality in Hotel Administration which is a three-year course. Apart from this, there are numerous short term courses like different courses in Bakery, Tandoori, and various Diploma courses of one and a half years.”

“The private sector is flourishing nowadays. Hotel Management is nice for the people which is a job-oriented course because, after the completion of the degree, one gets a job in any field in Hotel Management,” she added.

Another student Junaid said that the students are given the theory as well as the practical knowledge in the classes that help them get jobs in India as well as in foreign countries.

“I am in the second year in the three-year course. As far as the job is concerned, one certainly gets the job. Day by day, competition is increasing here. In this course, we are taught theory as well as practicals. This degree can get you a job in India as well as in foreign countries,” he said.

Diwanshu Singh, another student said, “The course that we are studying has four departments. Every student studying here has different areas of interest. After the completion of the third year, we will have the placements.” (ANI)

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