Tips & Tricks To Get Natural Glow On Your Wedding Day

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Tying the knot with your one and only is a huge deal and therefore every preparation done for this day should be perfect and must be worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

Putting your best foot forward is immensely important to not just look great for your wedding pictures, but just to feel confident in your skin. So, just sit back and begin preparing for your big day with these tips and tricks by beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, to give you a natural glow on your wedding day.

1. Get facials

Six months prior to your big day, begin the process of regular facials because this way your skin can be provided with deep cleansing and optimum hydration, to enhance its natural beauty. A facial helps to stimulate blood circulation to the skin surface, making the skin look radiant and youthful. Facials can be done at home using natural ingredients to impart a refreshing glow.

Sandalwood facials are perfect for a wedding day. Sandalwood having anti-bacterial attributes will be the best to regulate the secretion of oil and prevent breakouts. Sandalwood powder in combination with honey will work wonders as honey can also provide moisture to your skin.

Another ingredient that can be easily found is Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) facial pack that can be a wholesome remedy for skin as it is a great moisturiser, reduces dark spots and evens out skin texture.

Additionally, it helps in cleansing the deep layers of the skin thereby clearing out the oil and dead cells, leaving a clean skin surface for other products to work properly. One teaspoon of Fuller’s earth mixed into a paste with milk and honey, for dry skin. For oily skin types, a simple mixture of one teaspoon of Fuller’s Earth with rose water would do.

2. Exfoliator and follow up with serum

Five months to your big day, start exfoliation twice a week in order to remove all the dead cells that accumulate on your skin and also enhance the skin absorption of other products. Mix walnut powder with honey and curd. Apply on the face and rub gently on the skin. Wash off with water. Make sure that you apply this mixture on your cheek by moving your hands in an anti-clockwise motion as this helps in the easier unclogging of pores.

Following this with a face serum will rejuvenate skin cells as a serum is filled with all active ingredients, which identifies and targets specific skin issues. Serum usually works on the deeper layers of the skin, as they contain active ingredients and this is why exfoliation before applying a serum becomes imperative.
By the time your wedding nears, your skin would feel firmer and smoother, giving you a much younger look. Moreover, certainly, all your dark spots and marks would have been reduced.

3. Maintain a proper diet

Ensure that your diet includes food that has a lot of Vitamins, especially Vitamin D. Vitamins can help solve a plethora of skin concerns such as reducing dark spots, redness, wrinkles, fine lines, rough patches, excessive dryness and oil.

Exposing your skin to the sun for a few minutes is actually important as it is a natural way to incorporate Vitamin D synthesis into your body. Other than this, you can also eat breakfast cereals, orange juice and curd which are all great sources of Vitamin D. Next is Vitamin C, which plays the role of a significant anti-oxidant and that is why it is an important ingredient for keeping the skin healthy. Eating citrus fruits, papaya, tomato, spinach, etc., are great for Vitamin C intake.

4. Take care of hair

It cannot be stressed more, that you need to oil your hair regularly irrespective of the occasion. However, since your big day is approaching, you can try a combination of oils that can help regulate blood circulation and also hydrate the hair follicles. In case you have an oily scalp, take three tablespoons of curd, one tablespoon of baking soda and mix a few drops of lime juice.

Basically, this mixture will help your scalp neutralize the pH level of your scalp and provide a clean surface for other products to be absorbed. Another tip is that you could also add coconut oil, as it will boost your hair growth and also help soothe scalp irritation if any because it has great anti-bacterial properties.

Now, that we have got you all covered with these tips, you can enjoy that natural glow on the wedding day.

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