Tips For Healthy Hair In The Winter

1. Use Lukewarm Water For Showers
We all know that chilly weather makes us take long, hot baths. But the heat causes the hair strands to dry out further, resulting in dryness, itchiness, and breakage. Use warm water alternatively to cleanse your scalp.

2. Cover The Hair Strands
Some parts of the country have harsh winters compared to relaxation. If you stay in Northern India, it might be really useful to cover your head with a headscarf or a hat to decrease the impact of the harsh environment on the tresses.

3. Befriend Hair Masks
Applying hair masks every week is the need of the season. Make a DIY hair mask at home, or ask your dermatologist for pointers. But using a hair mask at least as soon as every week is mandatory.

4. Comb Carefully
However, you comb your hair strands generally, be cautious of combing the tresses in winter. Usually, because of the static produced inside the strands, there’s breakage caused. So, comb the ends first and steadily flow up to the roots.

5. Avoid Heat Styling
Your hair is already dry, dull, and frizzy in iciness. Do not challenge it to warmness styling to make the strands even extra dehydrated. It can reason excessive hair fall in winter.

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