Timothee Chalamet Reacts To Armie Hammer’s Sexual Assault Controversy

Actor Timothee Chalamet has opened up about the ongoing widely publicised sexual assault controversy revolving around his ‘Call Me by Your Name’ co-star Armie Hammer.

Variety quoted Chalamet’s statements from one of his latest interviews where the ‘Dune’ actor was asked to address the scandal of his ‘Call Me by Your Name’ co-star Hammer. “I totally get why you’re asking that, but it’s a question worthy of a larger conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial response,” Chalamet said.

Hammer, was dropped from several movies including the much-anticipated ‘The Offer’, Jennifer Lopez’s action-comedy ‘Shotgun Wedding’, the thriller drama ‘Billion Dollar Spy’ and the Broadway show ‘The Minutes’ in January after several women accused him on social media of sending them explicit messages about rape and cannibalism.

After losing several roles in the wake of alleged social media misdemeanour, the Golden Globe nominee was also accused of ‘violent’ rape by a woman named Effie, who claimed to be Hammer’s ex-girlfriend. She claimed during a press conference in March that Hammer had ‘violently’ raped her in 2017 for over four hours.

The rape accusation led to an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. He has strongly denied the claim and all other sexual abuse allegations against him, but his career has faced irreparable fallout since then.

In June, the actor also rechecked himself into a rehabilitation centre in Florida to get treatment for several addiction issues, amid several months of sexual abuse allegations.

For the unversed, Chalamet and Hammer co-starred in the 2017 Oscar-winning romantic drama ‘Call Me by Your Name’, which gave the ‘Wonka’ star his breakthrough role.

As per Variety, there were speculations about a sequel to the movie, but filmmaker Luca Guadagnino never penned a script.

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