Tillotama Shome Reacts To A Netizen Calling Her A ‘Flop Actress’

Celebrities falling prey to trolling on social media is commonplace. Recently, actor Tillotama Shome discovered herself on the receiving quit of online abuse. She was referred to as a ‘flop actor’ by a netizen.

Instead of hitting back, Tillotama reacted in the most graceful manner. “A hater on social media called me a ‘flop actress who looks likes a maid’. Now, how is that even mildly insulting, given my situation!? Face with tears of joy #dignityoflabour,” she tweeted.


Tillotama’s tweet has caught the attention of actor Pooja Bhatt. She said that “haters are akin to dark matter.”

“You are a star in the real sense..one whose light will illuminate the world through the work that you have done & the lives you have touched long after you have gone. Haters are akin to ‘dark matter’. They provide the gas & ensure the ones that provide light, remain bound,” Pooja wrote on Twitter.


Tillotama is best known for her roles in films like ‘Monsoon Wedding’ and ‘Sir’.

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