Til Halwa Recipe

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Soaked sesame seeds 1cup

Til and peanut chikki 1cup

Ghee 1cup

Jaggery water 1cup

Khoya 1cup

Cardamom powder ¼ tsp


1. In a grinder add 1cup over night soaked sesame seeds and grind it in to fine paste.

2. In an another mixer grinder add til and peanut chikki and grind it well.

3. In a kadhai add ghee, prepared til paste and mix it until it’s brown . Now add jaggery water, grind chikki, khoya and mix it well

4. Once cooked properly switch off the flame sprinkle some cardamom powder and mix it well

5. Once it at room temperature serve it in a bowl garnish it with some crushed chikki from top.

(Recipe by Chef Harpal Singh)

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