TikTok beats Facebook as most downloaded social media app in 2020

Washington, Aug 10: The Chinese social video platform TikTok became the most downloaded app among social networks in 2020, edging out Facebook Messenger, Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reported on Tuesday.

TikTok topped the list of social media downloads in 2020 for the first time since Nikkei began conducting its annual survey in 2018. A year earlier, TikTok ranked fourth.

In 2020, Facebook Messenger dropped from first place to fifth, Facebook itself remained second, while WhatsApp came in third, and Instagram fourth (+1 compared to 2019). All of the social platforms on the list apart from TikTok belong to the US corporation Facebook.

At the same time, Telegram climbed from eighth to seventh place in the rating amid rising privacy concerns as the messenger allows the deletion of shared data.

Twitter, in turn, lost rank at number 10 in the 2020 ranking.

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