Thousands protest in Rome against COVID-19 ‘green pass’ rule at workplaces

Rome [Italy]: Scores of people protested in Rome on Saturday against the extension of the COVID-19 digital certificates to all workplaces, said reports.
There was a brawl with police as the protesters took aim at the health pass, which has been a requirement to enter museums, sporting events and restaurants. Sputnik reported that police has fired water cannons to disperse a massive protest outside the seat of the Italian government.
Around 10,000 people, outraged by the government’s push to make “green passes” mandatory in the workplace, demanded that Prime Minister Mario Draghi resign, Sputnik citing Rai News 24 reported.
The protesters were reportedly shouted “No to Green Pass” and “Freedom! Freedom!” Some demonstrators threw firecrackers at police.
Prime Minister Draghi called the labour union’s boss, Maurizio Landini, to express his solidarity and condemn violent protests that swept the country.
In September, Italy made the COVID-19 green pass mandatory for all people in the job market, both private and public sectors.
Prime Minister Mario Draghi had announced that the digital certificates scheme would be extended to all places of work from October 15 and any employees refusing to comply faced suspension without pay.
The “green pass,” which shows that a person has either been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19 (or recently recovered from the infection), is currently required in Italy for long-distance travel, attending mass events and entertainment venues, dining indoors in restaurants, engaging in cultural and leisure activities, as well as for certain workplaces, Sputnik reported.

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