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Things You Can Learn To Maintain Your Personal and Business Life

Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, the guiding rules for starting up a business are the same. Both genders have to go through similar sets of challenges while you are running your own business. However, for women it becomes slightly harder because they are also balancing the business along with running a home, bringing up children, sometimes fighting gender norms both at work and at home, and still managing to keep their sanity intact. These are the key learnings out of my years of moving from a job to running my own show and in between failing and winning multiple times-

Get Comfortable With Numbers
One of my mentors taught me the beauty of excel sheets. Whether you are tracking orders, calculating revenue, or simply collating data, excel sheets are the most important tools.  Your day should start with key pointers to track in excel sheets and end with that.

Learn To Market Your Business And Yourself
Don’t hesitate in marketing yourself and your business. This includes sharing updates, sales pitches, presenting yourself wherever it is required or sometimes just being there at the right places.

Self Confidence
It’s the most overrated term, but it’s the single biggest factor that keeps you going when the chips are down. When you have lost that order or that client, it’s your ability to believe in your own talent that pulls you up and puts you back into the game. Self-confidence is also the ability to differentiate yourself when there are others who are offering similar products or services. Your confidence tells you what you stand for and there is no one else like you!

Reach Out To Others
Whether it’s for a sales pitch or for an advice or sometimes simply telling the other person you exist, reaching out to people can lead to so many new things. You will learn, you will know what’s happening around you, your will get feedback to improve and you will know of your competition. The flip side to it is that sometimes people might not respond or revert to you. But that’s also fine. They will come back when they need you or when it’s the right time. But they will know you exist.

This is the easiest thing to say in my entire list, but probably the most difficult to follow. In a world where there is information overload, a madness about connecting with people, app algorithms constantly finding new ways to have you spend more and more time in the virtual world and then getting lost in using them, finding balance is the most difficult. By balance I mean balance of work, your personal life, and other things beyond running a business and a home. For a lot of people starting their own business is also a dream and passion they always wanted to do. However, balance comes into play when sometimes work will be insane or you will be going through a low period. Small hobbies and interests like painting, reading, etc. bring so much joy and grounding when you find yourself constantly running.

Meditation is a blessing that can keep you sane, bring clarity of thought, gives you answers to a lot of questions you seek, and keeps you grounded. In the middle of the day when you suddenly find yourself running too fast, or juggling too many things, a ten-minute meditation session can bring so much clarity and calmness. A value I learned from my father- in your most difficult times, close your eyes and simply watch what’s going on in your head, it can help you sail through the biggest of the storms.

These are few things that you can practice to maintain your personal and business life!

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