‘The Wheels Of Heaven’: Mickey Rourke To Star Opposite Dessy Tenekedjieva

Washington [US]: Hollywood star Mickey Rourke is prepared to megastar contrary Dessy Tenekedjieva in ‘The Wheels of Heaven.’

Helmed by Ben Charles Edward, the film additionally stars Gary Stretch, Geoff Bell, Eleonora Ivanova and Dimitar Nikolov in the lead roles. According to Deadline, the story of ‘The Wheels of Heaven’ follows an afflicted young girl, Iva (Ivanova), meeting a charming older boy (Nikolov) who offers her the strength to rise and locate her own direction in life. But is the boy, as he claims, the fallen angel Lucifer sent to manual Iva in her destiny to save the human race? Or is he a delusional and perilous younger man?

“The Wheels of Heaven is a hectic mystery and, at instances, a touching coming-of-age story; a love letter to the Devil,” stated Edwards. “I wanted to pay heed to the remaining fictional textual content of Mark Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger, with both portions examining the anomaly of ‘exact’ and ‘evil’, and exploring how those concepts relate to existence because it’s lived and the delicate balance between them. To quote the film, ‘there may be darkness in the maximum virtuous and light within the corrupt’,” Deadline mentioned.

The release date of the film continues to be awaited.

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