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Scenic rainforests, expansive coastlines and adventure activities that cater to the most adventurous travelers; Doesn’t that sound like heaven on earth? What if such a place existed in the real world? Fortunately, it does. The Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park offers the natural charm of a rainforest, while not separating you from civilization at all. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Costa Rica. Despite its relatively small size, the park has more to offer than you would ever expect. From alluring natural wonders to a fascinating culture and a delicious local cuisine that will leave you spellbound – this little hotspot is home to a plethora of tourist attractions. So whether you are an enormous wildlife enthusiast or looking to lounge around beautiful white beaches on your next vacation, this one destination is sure to serve you well.

How To Get To Manuel Antonio?

One of the reasons Manuel Antonio is so popular with tourists is the easy transportation. From San Jose, you have the option to choose between a short 20-minute flight or a slightly longer bus ride to get to your destination. If you are traveling from Quepos, you can hire a cab or travel in a public bus to Manuel Antonio. You can also rent a car and drive in from Jaco with the option to stop anywhere along the way.

Travelers across globe wish to visit this wonderful natural park

What Is The Weather Like?

Before planning your trip to the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park, it is essential to remember that it is a rainforest. This means that it rains heavily throughout September and October, and it is best not to visit during these months. When it’s not raining, Manuel Antonio is hot and humid, so be sure to carry around a water bottle wherever you go to avoid dehydration.

Best Time To Visit

If you schedule your visit during the rainy season, you will be awfully limited in your adventures. Almost every worthwhile activity at the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park involves the great outdoors, and stormy weather can ruin your entire vacation. While there are no rains in Manuel Antonio from December through April, there are a lot of tourists.  If you want to avoid both the heavy showers and the crowds, plan your trip between May and July.  Another tip to avoid the rush is to reach there as early in the morning as possible. The park opens at 7 am, and by midmorning, it is swarming with visitors. Getting your ticket in advance and arriving earlier than the rest saves you from waiting in long lines to enter the premises.

Larger view of the park. Its amazing.

Top 5 Things To Do When You Are At Manuel Antonio

The national park of Manuel Antonio is truly a piece of heaven on earth. With so much to do around, any number of days spent here will be full of adventure. No vacation at the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park is ever long enough for you to run out of fun-filled activities.

Here are five adventures you must not miss out on while vacationing at the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park.

  1. Hanging Out At The Beaches

The beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio are probably the number one attraction for all the tourists that come here. Playa Biesanz is a public beach especially known for its calm waters and mesmerizing views, allowing visitors to lounge around or go swimming on lazy afternoons. While vacationing in Costa Rica, plan at least one picnic on this gorgeous piece of strip by the sea. On your trip to Manuel Antonio, other neighborhood beaches worth visiting include Playa Playitas, Playa Espadilla, and Playa Espadilla Sur.

Natural Beauty is wonderful at the park.
  1. Water Sports

While at the beaches, do not forget to enjoy the number of water sports that Manuel Antonio offers. The waters of Playa Playitas are perfect for surfing. In addition to this, you can also experience whitewater rafting, kayaking, parasailing, and snorkeling on the surrounding beaches.

  1. Enjoying The Wildlife

For those who came more for the wildlife than the beaches, the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park houses a great variety of animals and birds not seen in any other part of the world. Cruising through the park, you will come across and even befriend sloths, monkeys, and an extensive collection of birds, insects, and reptile species.  While you are free to roam around on your own, we recommend opting for a guided tour to get to know the local wildlife up close and personal.

Travelers enjoy the park and also the waterfalls inside
  1. Sport Fishing

While most people come to Manuel Antonio for the beaches and the wildlife, there is much more to do here than just this. The neighboring town of Quepos attracts several sportfishing enthusiasts with the variety of fish that inhabit the surrounding waters. From Marlin to snapper, bigeye tuna, and dorado, there is much opportunity for people looking to reel in an impressive catch.

  1. Ziplining

If your adrenaline still has not spiked with all the surfing, rafting, and snorkeling in Manuel Antonio’s mesmerizing waters, try your hand at ziplining through the rainforest. Rushing through the rainforest with all kinds of intriguing wildlife and luscious trees below is an experience that is not easily put into words.

How To Move Around : 

If you plan to visit the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park and the surrounding attractions, you might be concerned about transportation within the area. Rest assured that there are multiple ways you can get around once you have flown in from your part of the world.

Taxi : Manuel Antonio has a very active public taxi service for tourists to get from one place to another. These taxis can be hailed from any area that is even remotely populated.

Rideshare : In addition to the local taxi service, you can also use a rideshare to get around. This is especially useful if you are on a budget and want to spend the least on transport, so you have more to spend on activities.

Rental : If hailing a taxi every time you want to travel from one place to another is not for you, you can also rent a car to drive on your own. This way, you will always have a mode of transport available to you, and the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want.

Bikes & ATV’s : Another attractive transport option at Manuel Antonio is to rent a scooter, bike, or ATV. This super fun ride is both – an exciting activity and a way to get around and explore the area.

Animals in the park roam around freely. Tourists love the entire experience.

Where To Stay In Manuel Antonio

It is important to note that there are no hotels or restaurants within the park itself. So, while visiting the popular site, your best bet is to stay in the neighboring town of Quepos. Luckily, Quepos has accommodation options to suit any budget.


If money is not a problem and you look for the best luxury experience, book your room at the Arenas del Mar resort. In the vicinity of Playa Playitas and Playa Espadilla, the vacationers staying here get to enjoy absolutely mesmerizing views of the waters. The resort also allows the guests to sign up for several activities, giving you the complete package.

Not only does Arenas Del Mar care for your comfort, but it does so without weighing down on your conscience. The eco-friendly practices employed at this resort enhance the entire experience so much more. The delicious cuisine offered by the resort is also based on sustainably sourced and organically grown food.


La Mariposa Hotel in Quepos is a great place to stay for those looking for a mid option between luxury and budget accommodations. With the vast pool and scenic views that it affords you, you are guaranteed to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


For those who do not have an infinite pile of money to spend but would still like to live comfortably, the Villa Romantica is just outside of Quebec. This quiet little accommodation is perfect for honeymooners, affording privacy yet still close enough to get around the tourist sites easily.


No trip to Costa Rica is complete without being to the glorious Manuel Antonio National Park. This popular tourist destination has something special for every visitor. Whether you are a person who enjoys nature in the quiet or someone who loves a good beach party – your vacation at this popular tourist destination will be one that you will remember forever.


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