The second person who opened fire at Imran Imran Khan has been identified

Faisal Butt

Gun Fire on Imran Khan: According to reports, The second person Faisal Butt who opened fire on PTI Chairman Imran Imran Khan, has been identified. Faisal butt is a resident of the city of Sialkot who did fire on former prime minister Imran Khan. Imran khan was wounded at the Azadi long protest in Wazirabad. Imran Khan was injured in the open fire during the protest rally.

imran khan shaukat khanum hospital

ARY news reports: That guy had received 2 bullets in his leg and escaped from the hospital in an injured situation a few days earlier. In AllahWala chowk, Wazirabad, an unidentified person opened fire on Imran Khan.



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