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The Ideal Couple’s Bucket List Decoded!

All of us have made many bucket lists throughout our lives – some we have ticked off, some remain to be fulfilled. While we work towards checking them off our lists, have you ever thought of jotting down a bucket list for you and your significant other as a couple? If not, here’s a low-down on an ideal couple’s bucket list that you can make adding your own too:

Write A Love Letter To Each Other

In this digital age, trust traditional ways to ignite sparks back into your relationship. There’s probably nothing more romantic than receiving love notes from your partner. The personalised efforts that come across with a letter are missing in texts or emails and are ingrained forever. So, be a romantic and pen a letter to your loved one.

Visit Each Other’s Hometown

Understanding and getting to know each other is not restricted to communicating and spending time together. As an extension to get to know your partner better, visiting each other’s hometown is essential. To know where they come from, where they lived, where they grew up, and who are their childhood friends and family adds to the intimacy you share.

Go On A Picnic Together

Enough of trips to the malls or movies, take out some time out of your schedule and plan a picnic together (be sure to follow all adequate COVID-safety measures). Ditch the old wicker basket, add some vintage wine, some chocolates, a hard drive full of romantic movies you love, and a blanket to get cosy under the blankets.

Get A Couple’s Massage

Plan a weekend away to have a little quality time together. Enrol yourselves up for a nice couple’s massage and relieve yourselves of the stress and tiredness. In the meantime, while you are relaxing, you can reconnect and amplify feelings of affection towards each other. A relaxed mind is as good as a romantic mind.

Get Naughty Around The House

There’s no bad time to snuggle and make love to your significant other. Pique your sexual intimacy and get creative around every corner of the house. Kitchen island, hallways, washroom and even your drawing room – as long as you draw the curtain and turn the passion knob high, you are good to go!

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