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The Centre has given Tamil Nadu Rs 800 crore to control and prevent Covid outbreaks.

According to Tamil Nadu’s health minister, Ma Subramanian, the Centre has sanctioned Rs 800 crore as part of the Covid-19 relief package to manage the second wave of the illness and avert a third wave.

Subramanian spoke to media in New Delhi after meeting with Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya. According to him, the state has requested Rs 1,500 crore for the epidemic’s control and prevention. “They gave Rs 800 crore right away. The Centre will examine our request and provide further cash when we have used this,” he added.

“We need at least 12 crore doses of vaccine, but we have only received 1.7 crore doses so far,” the minister added, referring to Tamil Nadu’s desire for additional vaccinations. M K Stalin, the state’s chief minister, has already written to the Prime Minister, requesting a special allotment of 1 crore doses to address the state’s vaccine allocation imbalance, he added. “More people are queuing up for the shots and there is no wastage of vaccine now,” he said.

The state has also requested extra medication allocations to treat mucormycosis (black fungus). “There are approximately 4,000 cases of fungal illness across the state. More medicines may be required to treat the illness early and avoid fatalities.

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