Texting Habits That Ruins Your Relationship

Bad texting habits are considered a veritable communication problem in a relationship. If you text too often, it can cause annoyance. If you text less, you could be called indifferent by your SO. Experts say that if a couple is not careful about their texting habits, it can even lead to a split. Needless to say, bad texting habits pose miscommunication and misunderstanding threats. There are even studies that have looked into texting issues. A few years ago, researchers at Brigham Young University in the US studied 276 young adults across America and showed in their paper that technology can create some serious disruptions in committed relationships. In their report, published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, the researchers showed that for women, text messages, where they are apologising or pleading for resolution of differences, are associated with lower relationship quality. On the other hand, for men, texting too frequently can demonstrate a lower relationship quality. So, beware when you let your thumbs do the talking.

Texting too often
There can be several interpretations to this. No matter how affectionate your messages are, bombarding your bae with texts every 15 minutes can cause annoyance and distraction. It can also show insecurity. On top of everything, it can prove that you are a text addict.

Texting too less
Or if you take an inordinate amount of time to reply to your bae’s texts, this can spell trouble as well. To begin with, your delayed response to urgent messages can be interpreted as passive aggression. Being ignored can make your bae feel unloved. So, beware!

Texting to argue
If there are issues in your relationship, efforts should be made to discuss them openly, one on one. Do not text angry messages or a barrage of accusations. Whatever the issue is, do not rely solely on the impersonal, distant communication method. Talk to each other.

Nagging texts
These could just kill your relationship. For instance, your bae had forgotten your mother’s birthday. And you are loath to forgive him. What do you do? You constantly message him that this forgetfulness shows that he doesn’t care about his family. If you continue to nag, there could be ugly scenes.

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