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FILM REVIEW-: By Sachin Sisodia

Atrociously bland, stupid and boring.

Another Texas Chainsaw sequel that just cant scare anyone the same way the original Tobe Hooper directed one did. Following its success Tobe went on to make another sequel helming the director’s chair once again but only to leave the audience disappointed for the questionable choice of a comedic tone for the serious tension of the original didn’t sit well with the people. Perhaps that then and there was the big indication that this franchise should not be resurrected or tampered with in any way or form!

However Hollywood went on to make a whole bunch of sequels and reboots only to see everything fail. But cue Netflix and here we have another amateur script being greenlit and so there we go another franchise being resurrected only to be handled by a bunch of modern babies who would run away if you switched off the lights!

So a bunch of influencer kids go to to Harlow in Texas to gentrify the place so that people can have a new fresh start to their lives once they gentrify it up or something………whatever!!!!!!

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The New Cast

But Leatherface ain’t that happy about the new intruders and wants to have a say in all of this. At least the premise is simple but what the film sorely lacks is the tension, grittiness, the violence and the psychopathic chaos of the original slasher.

It can’t even muster anything new or original or exciting on its own…..haplessly bringing back the original surviving female character from the original only to send her off abysmally(Probably in an desperate attempt to recreate the success of Halloween 2018!). Our new cast of influencing kids are as annoying as your teen child harboring hopes of fame, money and adulation but not having the guile, charm, smartness or even half the intelligence to achieve any of it.

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Some of them get killed off early and some survive all in gutless fashion. Resulting in a slugfest that bores and disappoints an already disappointed audience. Except a few cool shots and one fun sequence with Leatherface the film is either as bad or perhaps even worse than all the previous sequels and reboots that this franchise has suffered.

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