Tesla in India: Elon Musk says ‘no sell, no plant’

Texas [US]: Hinting that Tesla will certainly not put a factory in India the carmaker’s president (CEO) Elon Musk said on Friday tweeted that till the firm is first permitted to offer and service imported autos in the South Eastern nation there will be no setting up of the bases.

Replying to an individual on Twitter, who examined Musk vis-a-vis Tesla’s strategies to put up a factory in India, the billionaire reacted, “Tesla will not place a factory in any kind of area where we are not permitted initially to offer as well as service autos.”   These comments suggest that the grinding halt betw

Musk is intrested in India but not in present Industry scenaro

een India and Telsa in relation to setting up the manufacturing plant in the country proceeds.

Earlier in April, highlighting the favorable environment for vehicle manufacturing in India, Union Minister  for Roadway Transportation and also Highways Nitin Gadkari stated that Elon Musk is welcome to manufacture e-vehicles in India, but in case the Tesla proprietor desires to build in China and market here, it can not be a “good proposition”.

Gadkari made the remarks while speaking at a personal occasion in Delhi answering a question on Tesla’s issues on “high duties” in India.

” It is a very simple choice; if Elon Musk prepares to produce a Tesla in India, there is not a problem. We have obtained all expertises, the vendors are readily available. We have got all types of innovation and also as a result of that, he can minimize the price,” Gadkari said.

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