Teen dies, 70 people injured in clashes between Palestinians, Israeli soldiers

Gaza [Palestine]: At least 70 Palestinians were injured on Friday in clashes with Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the West Bank city of Nablus, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society said.
“Seventy Palestinians were injured today as a result of clashes with Israeli forces in the Bayt and Deir al-Hatab areas near Nablus,” Red Crescent said. Also on Friday, a 13-year-old Palestinian teenager died in hospital after being wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers to the east of Nablus, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.
The Israeli army is conducting an investigation into the incident with the death of the Palestinian, the military press service told Sputnik.
In May, the construction of a small Jewish settlement began near Nablus. Every Friday, Palestinians protest the construction of the new Jewish settlement and the confiscation of Palestinian land in the area.
The issue of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, considered to be an occupied territory by the United Nations, is one of the main stumbling blocks in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
The two-state solution to the conflict is an UN-backed principle, under which two independent sovereign states will coexist peacefully. Its implementation remains stalled, however, as the two parties have not yet agreed on where the border between them would run and who would own Jerusalem.

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