Taliban’s return to power, amid Pakistan’s nuclear program alarms international community

The Taliban’s return to power amidst Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program has escalated tensions among international communities.

Islamabad [Pakistan] October 3 : With the Taliban coming to power, there has been an enthusiastic narrative among the conservative members of the Pakistani society including the government establishment who are excited and motivated by this development, Author Ronald Jacquard said in an article published in the Global Watch Analysis. In a situation, when the radicals have taken charge of Afghanistan, the nuclear assets of Pakistan cannot anymore be considered remote by the international community.
Thus, the international community have to watch Pakistan’s nuclear program cautiously until some form of stability returns to Afghanistan in order to prevent the country’s nuclear assets from landing in the hands of rogue elements, writes Jacquard.
International communities were already worried about Pakistan’s handling of nuclear weapons and sustaining itself as a stable and responsible member of the global community but the Taliban’s development has escalated consternation among the countries.
Pakistan has been a key player in removing the Afghanistan government from power and establishing a group to a decisive position in Afghanistan with its dark nexus of terrorist groups in the region for over two decades.
Meanwhile, after the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, demonstrations were held across the world against Pakistan’s involvement in the siege.
Several reports also claimed the presence of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence personnel in rallies carried out by the Taliban.
In such a situation, the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the larger global community would be crucial in this regard.

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