Taiwan seeks to join US’ Indo-Pacific economic framework

Taipei [Taiwan] (ANI): Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration is seeking to join an Indo-Pacific economic framework being planned by the United States, local news reported quoting a senior official on Monday.
“The government is paying close attention to the regional economic pact being touted by US President Joe Biden, although too few details have emerged from Washington for Taipei to make specific plans,” the official said, Taipei Times reported. America is expected to launch the Indo-Pacific economic framework next month after negotiations with Australia, India, and Japan, the official said.
Washington has shown deep concern over semiconductor supply-chain issues, while Taiwan is a leading chipmaker and has an interest in enhancing ties between the two countries, the official said, according to Taipei Times.
The US plans for a comprehensive economic framework for the Indo-Pacific is only one component in a larger regional strategy being considered in Washington, which Taiwan must observe closely, the official said.
Speaking at an event marking the 70th anniversary of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan in December last year, Tsai said that Taiwan’s technological innovation and agile economy show that the country should play a role in the Indo-Pacific economic framework, Taipei Times reported further. (Image source: Instagram)

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