Taiwan, Japan to hold first-ever security talks as China escalates border disputes

Tokyo [Japan]: Japanese and Taiwanese officials are set to hold first-ever security talks to address the military and “gray-zone” coercion tactics that China imposes on both nations, a media report said on Thursday.
Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is planning to hold talks with its Taiwanese counterpart, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), in the first-ever ruling party version of its “two-plus-two” security dialogue normally held between governments, Taiwan News reported. The talks are aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and addressing the security issues of both nations.
The talks will be held online as soon as this month. The discussion will reportedly cover “ways to promote exchanges between Japan and Taiwan, in addition to security issues,” Taiwan News added.
In an attempt to examine bilateral relations between Tokyo and Taipei, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party established a project team under its Foreign Affairs Division.
Japan and Taiwan both have maritime border disputes with China and have been victims of Beijing’s aggressive expansionist approach.

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