Tokyo conveys concerns to Beijing as Chinese ships enter Japanese waters

Tokyo [Japan]: Japan has conveyed its concerns to Beijing after a Chinese naval ship sailed in Japan’s waters of its southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima.A Chinese naval ship had sailed in Japan’s waters earlier this week off its southwestern prefecture, the country’s Defence Ministry said on Friday. The Chinese survey ship was spotted sailing off the southwestern prefecture on Wednesday and Thursday in the so-called contiguous zone outside Japan’s territorial waters, reported Kyodo News citing the ministry.A Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol plane spotted the ship heading toward Japanese waters from the contiguous zone south of Yakushima Island around 8:40 pm on Wednesday.The Japanese government conveyed concerns about the vessel’s action to China through diplomatic channels, said officials familiar with the matter, Kyodo News reported.In recent times, China has ramped up maritime activities in the South China Sea.On Friday, four Chinese coast guard ships also entered…

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