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Vasishta N. Simha: ‘I Came To Bengaluru To Become A Singer’

Actor Vasishta N Simha is known to be one of the most popular choices, especially for negative roles and characters that require someone with a deep baritone. A little known fact is that Vasishta had come to Bengaluru not to become an actor, but a singer. It is another story that he has eventually become a popular choice for playback for special songs. We take a look at the time when he spoke about his journey into showbiz. Vasishta about his journey and he says that acting was never part of his dreams. “I came to Bengaluru with aspirations of becoming a singer. I, in fact, trained under Hamsalekha sir for one and a half years. I had to discontinue that. After this, I went on to finish my bachelor’s degree in computers, after which I landed a corporate job. I was bored with the routine life, so I had…

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