Blinken says US investing in Africa without ‘unsustainable debt’

Washington [US]: In an apparent dig at China, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Saturday promised new investment in Senegal without “saddling countries with unmanageable debts.”Blinken made this remark as he wrapped up his visit to Africa, where he underscored the depth and breadth of the US’ relationships with its African partners. “Our projects in Senegal – and to me this is the most important part – the projects build upon our values that we share as democracies, namely transparency, accountability, the rule of law, competition, and innovation. These are also the driving ideals behind the U.S. Government’s Build Back Better World initiative,” he said.Blinken said that the US hopes to drive a race to the top with global infrastructure projects to close the gap while creating local jobs, protecting workers and the environment, reducing corruption, and “all of that without saddling countries…

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