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Spowdi’s zero-emission irrigation system resonates with small-hold farmers

Bengaluru/New Delhi (Karnataka) [India] : Four years after Sweden’s Greentech start-up Spowdi was handpicked for the India-Sweden Innovations Accelerator program, its zero-emission irrigation solution has found resonance with farmers, says Business Sweden.“We saw much merit in bringing Spowdi’s innovation to India,” said Pawan Tahlani, Head of Sustainability (India) at Business Sweden. “When we heard about Spowdi’s solar-powered mobile irrigation pumps, we knew the innovation was a right fit to empower small-hold farmers in India,” he added. His statement comes just days after COP26, where India announced its aim to enhance its non-fossil energy capacity to 500 GW and to achieve 50% of its energy requirements with renewable energy by 2030.Highlights:* Tested in Indian conditions: Tested across multiple Indian terrains* Zero diesel usage. Relies on the sun as its only energy source.* Zero CO2 emissions: Compared to diesel pumps or other fossil fuel energy pumps used…

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