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Doctors Suggest Plant-Based Diet Relieves Migraine Symptoms

Doctors have recently suggested that it will be worthwhile to adopt a plant-based diet that is rich in dark green leafy vegetables, for those who are suffering from the symptoms of chronic migraine. This study was published online in the ‘BMJ Case Reports Journal’. The recommendation comes after they treated a man who had endured severe migraine headaches without aura for more than 12 years. He had tried prescribed medicines (Zolmitriptan and Topiramate); cutting out potential ‘trigger’ foods, including chocolate, cheese, nuts, caffeine, and dried fruit; and yoga and meditation in a bid to blunt the severity and frequency of his headaches. Nothing had worked. Over one billion people worldwide have migraines, characterized as one-sided, pulsating headaches lasting 4-72 hours, and often accompanied by sensitivity to noise and light and sometimes prodromal auras. Migraines are either episodic (fewer than 15 days a month) or…

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