Peace deal with TTP would be reached on govt terms, conditions, say Pakistan security sources

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Amid rising criticism of Imran Khan’s government for holding talks with terrorist groups, the Pakistani security sources said that any peace deal with the Pakistani Taliban would be reached on the government terms and conditions.“The Afghan Taliban government was in contact with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in connection with a peace deal but there is no time-frame. It may take months or years,” the sources while requesting not to be named said there could be a deal with the TTP but only if they abide by Pakistan’s Constitution and law. The sources quashed the reports that there was no truth in speculations that the Pakistani government had decided giving amnesty to the TTP leaders and members, Dawn reported.This is rubbish, no amnesty for them. They are terrorist groups and any progress will be made on our terms and conditions,” the sources maintained.…

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