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Bengaluru, Chennai Neighbourhoods Flooded After Rain

Bengaluru/ Chennai [India] : Northern Bengaluru and several pockets of northern Chennai’s Manali area experienced heavy flooding as a result of torrential rain in parts of the South over the last few days. Water entered multiple homes in Manali, an industrial pocket of Tamil Nadu’s capital. Many parts of the neighbourhood in northern Chennai were heavily inundated due to excess discharge from the Kosasthalaiyar river. Excess water overflowing from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh city of Chitoor also contributed to the overnight deluge as water from the Poondi reservoir in Tamil Nadu’s Thiruvallur district — filled to capacity — was released beyond 3000 cubic feet per second a few days back. However, discharge from the Poondi reservoir has now been reduced, authorities said today. Boats have also been deployed in some areas of northern Chennai to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru…

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