Corona Updates

Japan tops G-7 chart with highest fully vaccinated population

Tokyo [Japan]: Topping charts among the Group of Seven industrialized nations (G-7), Japan has so far vaccinated 75.7 per cent of its population with two COVID-19 shots, reported local media.Japan has successfully immunized its 125 million populations with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, reported Kyodo News citing government sources. Leaving Canada behind, which earlier was at the top with a 75.5 per cent vaccination rate, Japan has left behind other G-7 nations including the US, Germany, France, and Britain.According to the government records, 195.32 million COVID-19 vaccination shots have been administered so far, with 99.4 million having received the first shot, reported Kyodo News. Among the people of age group 65 and above, over 91 per cent are fully vaccinated.With ramped-up vaccination drive in Japan, which commenced earlier this year has resulted in the significant plunge of new COVID-19 cases. Coming down from the…

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