Roll Back of Farm Laws: Victory of farmers’ willpower, struggle; hope Centre draws lessons, says Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi [India]: Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Friday termed farmers’ protest as “Gandhian agitation” and said that it is a victory of the “willpower” and “struggle” of 62 crore farmers. She further hoped that the Centre draws lessons for the future and “shed its pride and arrogance” and work towards policies for farmers’ welfare.“After almost 12 months of Gandhian agitation, today the struggle and willpower of 62 crore farmers of the country have won. Today, the sacrifices of more than 700 farmer families have paid off, whose families have laid down their lives in this struggle for justice. Today truth, justice, and non-violence have won,” Gandhi said in an official statement after the government announced repealing of three Central agricultural laws. The Prime Minister earlier in the day assured that the constitutional measures to repeal the laws will begin in the Winter…

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