iPhone SE 2022 tipped to launch as iPhone SE+ 5G

Washington [US] (ANI): The third-generation iPhone SE, which is widely expected to launch this year, is rumoured to be called the ‘iPhone SE+ 5G’.
The information regarding the smartphone’s name came from Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, reported GSM Arena. As the name implies, it will offer 5G connectivity while sticking with the same design as the current iPhone SE and the same 4.7-inch LCD panel, with a key new feature being a faster A15 chip.
iPhone SE+ 5G will not have a notched display, which has become the signature design for the iPhone. Since Apple is sticking to the iPhone 8-like design, it is likely to retain the Home button and that means no Face ID on the upcoming iPhone SE.
On the other hand, in 2023 or 2024, a new generation iPhone SE will enter the scene with a 5.7″ display, which could be OLED if the cost of such panels goes down enough in the meantime. (Image source: Instagram)

Apple reportedly switching to iPhone modem design in 2023

Washington [US]: Apple is reportedly planning to partner with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for the production of its own 5G modems for future iPhones.
According to The Verge, Apple is said to be planning to use TSMC’s 4nm process node, which hasn’t yet been deployed for any commercial product; the modem is apparently being designed and tested at 5nm before moving to mass production in 2023 at 4nm. Apple’s switch to modems of its own design is widely expected to happen in 2023, and TSMC is the natural manufacturing partner.
Qualcomm, which is the dominant player in the industry and produces modem components for the entire iPhone 13 lineup, recently said that it expects to account for just 20 per cent of iPhone modem orders in two years’ time.
Apple bought Intel’s 5G modem division in 2019, foreshadowing the eventual switch. Earlier that year Qualcomm and Apple agreed to end a costly modem technology patent dispute, with Qualcomm receiving more than USD 4 billion as part of the settlement.
TSMC is the manufacturer of all iPhone A-series processors and M1 systems-on-chip for Mac computers.
As per The Verge, there are hundreds of TSMC engineers based in Cupertino to work with Apple’s chip development team.
2022 iPhone SoCs will reportedly use TSMC’s 4nm process, and some iPad models are said to be adopting 3nm processors in 2023.

Google Messages might change how Android gets iMessage reactions

Washington [US]: According to a new report, Google Messages might be receiving an update that will slightly enhance the messaging experience on the Android end.
According to GSM Arena, code has been found in the most recent version of Google Messages that would show iMessage ‘reactions’ as emoji’s within Google Messages. If an iPhone user sends a message to a phone number that’s on Android, the conversation will be carried on the SMS protocol since iOS doesn’t support RCS and iMessage isn’t supported on Android.
Currently, iMessage users can send ‘reactions’ to text messages, but if a reaction is sent to an Android user, the user receives a text message back that simply says “Liked ‘I am doing great!'”.
The report suggests that Google Messages would receive the SMS messages from the iPhone as normal, but would recognize when a reaction is being sent from iMessage and would apply an emoji reaction to the corresponding message.
Additionally, another string of text suggests that Google Messages may remind users of a contact’s birthday.
Basically, if Messages sees that a contact’s information contains a birthday, it would remind, perhaps with an animated banner, to “Wish them a Happy Birthday!” This could be displayed either within the conversation window or the conversation list, as per GSM Arena.

Amazon enables sharing clips from Prime Video content for iPhone users

Washington [US] : Amazon has announced that it’ll let iPhone users easily share video clips showing up to 30 seconds of some of its Prime Video content, right from its app.
As per the Verge, the feature will only be available for a very limited number of shows initially, but letting users share video from shows is a very different attitude than the one displayed by some other streaming providers. According to Amazon’s press release, its video-sharing feature will be available on iOS devices.
When you’re watching a show, the Share Clip button will show up alongside the rest of the controls.
Tapping it will create a 30-second video clip, which can be then fine-tuned to make sure it contains the part of the show you’re trying to share.
From there, you can share it using Apple’s built-in sharing feature, sending it to a friend over iMessage, or posting it on social media.
When asked about whether the feature will be available on Android, an Amazon spokesperson told The Verge that clip share is currently only available to iPhone users with version 8.41 (or later) of the Prime Video app.
It seems like an obvious feature for any streaming service to add — people genuinely like sharing clips from the shows they’re watching, and their doing so is basically free marketing for that show.
However, Amazon’s competitors like Hulu and Netflix go in pretty much the exact opposite direction: when you take a screenshot while watching one of their shows, the video content just ends up blacked out, leaving you with just the subtitles if you have them turned on.
While this is perhaps an understandable tactic for third-party content (Netflix’s download feature also has some limitations on which shows you can download), for original shows made by the streaming services themselves, it feels like a missed opportunity to let people do marketing for them.
Amazon says users can only share clips from ‘The Wilds’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Fairfax’, and season one of ‘The Boys’ to start, but it will add more movies and shows later. It’s unclear if we’ll end up getting this feature for any non-Amazon content on Prime Video in the future. 

Netflix will reportedly make games available via App Store on iOS

Washington [US]: Netflix officially got into gaming by rolling out a mobile game service for Android users earlier this month.
As per The Verge, while Netflix said it’s working on an iOS version of the service, Apple’s App Store policies will prevent Netflix from making games available from its app. Apple bars third-party apps from functioning as a hub for games, which has become a point of contention with cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Google Stadia.
Cloud gaming services can only get around this by offering their games through a web app, just like Facebook has already done.
As per sources, Netflix will tiptoe around Apple’s rules by making its games available via the App Store. This means that games won’t be downloadable or playable from the Netflix app — you’ll only be able to launch them from there.
The service currently functions in this way on Android; the games are neatly packaged in a dedicated tab on the Netflix app but are downloaded individually from the Google Play Store.
While this setup is fine, it isn’t ideal for an all-in-one gaming service. Users should be able to download and play games from within the service itself. Netflix might eventually bring its games to the cloud.
Again, this would work fine for Android, but Apple’s policies make it nearly impossible for cloud gaming to thrive, forcing services to settle for measly web apps. If and when Netflix decides to embrace cloud gaming, it’s unclear what will happen to the service on iOS.

Apple is bringing car crash detection to iPhone

Washington [US]: Apple is reportedly working on a new iPhone and Apple Watch feature that detects if you’re in a car crash and dials 911 automatically.
As per The Verge, the current plan is to roll out such a feature next year. Google’s Personal Safety app on Pixel phones already includes a feature to call for help when it detects car crashes, just like connected car services in modern vehicles do, including GM’s OnStar, Subaru’s Starlink, and Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect.
Many cars on the road today are not equipped with any connectivity features, so getting crash detection on an iPhone too means more drivers can get the help they need in an accident as long as they have one in their pocket or mounted to their dash.
The rise of unsafe smartphone usage in cars made way for integration systems like CarPlay and Android Auto, the former appearing in nearly 80 per cent of new vehicles in 2020, according to Apple.
Building a new crash detection feature into the iPhone alongside CarPlay could bolster Apple’s rumoured “IronHeart” project to connect its phone with car settings in the same way HomeKit controls smart speakers and lighting. Targeting the annual USD 2 billion revenue stream that GM brings in with OnStar with the built-in features would be a very Apple thing to do.
While Apple’s accident detection hasn’t always worked as intended in the past, the company has had many years to collect data and analytics on willing iOS and watchOS users. It remains to be seen how accurately Apple will be able to detect car crashes, let alone people falling.

WhatsApp history can be transferred from an iPhone to any phone with Android 12

Washington [US]: Google recently announced that the Android 12 users can now transfer their WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone to Android.
For a short while, you’ve been able to transfer your WhatsApp history from an iPhone to a Samsung device, and this capability is now getting extended to all Google Pixels too. Not just that, Google also announced that any phone launching with Android 12 will be able to do the same. So, in a few months, it won’t be limited to just Samsung and Google devices, reported GSM Arena.
The transfer works in a rather simple manner. Take the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. All you need is a Lightning to USB-C cable. You connect your Pixel to your iPhone with it, and then, when prompted during the initial setup of the Pixel, you scan a QR code on your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and move all of your conversations, media, and more to your Pixel.
As per GSM Arena, the data securely travels between the phones. Google said it has worked closely with WhatsApp to ensure that it remains protected and no one else can ever access your information and files.
The chat history will simply be copied over from the iPhone to the Pixel, and while the transfer is in progress the iPhone will lose the ability to receive new messages from that point forward.

Apple stops signing iOS 15.0 following iOS 15.0.1 release

Washington [US]: After the release of iOS 15.0.1 on October 1, Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.0, the previously available version of iOS that saw a public release on September 20.
With iOS 15.0 no longer being signed, it is not possible to downgrade to that version if you’ve already updated to iOS 15.0.1. According to MacRumors, Apple last week stopped signing iOS 14.8 as well, which means iOS 15.0.1 is the only publicly available version of iOS at this time, and those who have upgraded to iOS 15 cannot downgrade to iOS 14.
Apple routinely stops signing older versions of software updates after new releases come out in order to encourage customers to keep their operating systems up to date.
iOS 15.0 marks a major version update introducing Focus Mode, Live Text, on-device Siri, iCloud+, Safari changes, and tons more.
iOS 15.0.1 introduced a fix for a bug that prevented an authenticated Apple Watch from being used to unlock an iPhone 13 model when wearing a face mask.
It also addressed a bug that could cause the Settings app to incorrectly display a storage full alert and it fixed a bug with audio meditations for Fitness+ subscribers.

iPhone 8 logic board repair program comes to an end

Washington [US]: American tech giant Apple has officially removed iPhone 8’s logic board repair program.
For the unversed, in 2018, Apple launched a program that offered customers with possibly defective iPhone 8 models with a free repair for their logic board, which in some cases caused the device to restart and become unresponsive, reports MacRumors. The company has now finally ended the program which ran for over three years.
According to Apple, at the time, affected models were sold between September 2017 and March 2018 in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, and the U.S. The iPhone 8 Plus was not part of the program, and Apple had previously prompted customers to its support website to check if they were eligible for a free repair.
Apple has also removed it from its repair program list on its website. If Customers are still having problems with their iPhone 8 with similar issues then they should contact Apple support.

Ahead of Apple’s event, new iPhone and AirPods details revealed

Washington [US]: A day before Apple’s Calfornia Streaming event, new details regarding the upcoming iPhone series and other products have emerged.
The details come straight from Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst who is known for tipping details on the company’s upcoming products before they are revealed. So while none of this is confirmed, it’s probably a reliable expectation-setter. On the iPhone front, Kuo predicts three storage options for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini: 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. That means the 64 GB option — which is too small at this point for most uses — is gone, reported Mashable.
The larger iPhone model is also said to be getting a storage tweak but in the opposite direction. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Max will reportedly be available with four storage options; the same three mentioned above, plus a new 1 TB model that’s a first for iPhones.
Kuo sounded a note of caution for those hoping to score one of the new iPhones right away, however. Ongoing component shortages around the world could come for Apple as well.
But the investor report suggested that this could also be more of a risk for older models only, presumably because Apple knows its latest devices are the most sought-after and therefore devoted more manufacturing to the new stuff.
As per Mashable, there is also some news coming on the AirPods front, with Kuo suggesting that Tuesday will bring our first look at the AirPods 3. These apparently won’t replace the AirPods 2. Instead, they will either arrive at a higher price than the earlier model, which retails for USD 159, or they will prompt a price drop for the AirPods 2. But either way, it sounds like both models will continue to exist for now.
The AirPods 3 are expected to feature a redesign that puts them closer in form to the AirPods Pro, released in 2019. The new model reportedly won’t offer active noise cancellation but it will feature head-tracking Spatial Audio. That’s apparently it for the AirPods, though; Kuo doesn’t expect an update for the Pro until 2022.
All the rumours and speculations regarding the upcoming products will be put to rest with the Apple event, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 1:00 pm ET.

Apples says iPhone camera performance may get damaged by motorcycle vibrations

Washington [US], September 12 : American tech giant Apple recently explained that high amplitude vibrations can damage its iPhone cameras’ gyroscopes.
As per The Verge, a new post on Apple’s Support forum explains that exposing iPhones to high-amplitude vibrations, “specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines” could degrade the devices’ camera system. The company further recommended against mounting an iPhone on a motorbike, as the vibrations may be transmitted via the bike’s handlebars and chassis.
According to the technical explanation by Apple, if a user accidentally moves a camera while taking a picture, the resulting image can be blurry.
To prevent this, some iPhone models have optical image stabilization (OIS).1 OIS lets a user take sharp photos even if they accidentally move the camera. With OIS, a gyroscope senses that the camera moved. To reduce image motion, and the resulting blur, the lens moves according to the angle of the gyroscope.
Additionally, some iPhone models have closed-loop autofocus (AF).2 Closed-loop AF resists the effects of gravity and vibration to preserve sharp focus in stills, videos, and panoramas. “With closed-loop AF, on-board magnetic sensors measure gravity and vibration effects and determine the lens position so that the compensating motion can be set accurately,” as per Apple.
The statement from the company further states that the OIS and closed-loop AF systems in iPhone are designed for durability. However, as is the case with many consumer electronics that include systems like OIS, long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges may degrade the performance of these systems and lead to reduced image quality for photos and videos.
Hence, the company recommended avoiding exposing the gadget to extended high-amplitude vibrations.
Additionally, in the new post, the company suggests using a vibration-dampening mount to lessen the risk to the phone and its camera system, if you’re planning to mount your iPhone to a scooter.

Users can now transfer WhatsApp backup chats from iPhone to Samsung phone

Washington [US]: Months after the announcement, the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has finally rolled out a feature to let users transfer their backup chats between their iOS and Android phones, but the feature is only for Samsung Android users as of now.
Mashable India informed that the new function has been made available only to Samsung phones, and WhatsApp has confirmed that this feature is now finally rolling out. The process might not be as simple as it sounds since WhatsApp on Android and iOS have different cloud platforms for backing up.
The users would require a USB-C to Lightning cable to complete the process entirely locally. Once both phones will be connected, there would be a bunch of prerequisites that need to be checked by the users. For beginners, the Samsung phone in question needs to have the Smart Switch version or newer.
For iPhone, the gadget needs to have the WhatsApp iOS version or newer, and for Samsung, the users would need to have the WhatsApp Android version or newer. The Samsung phone would also require the Android 10 version or the latest. Support for older Android versions is coming soon.
As per Mashable India, lastly, the process is only possible when users will set up their Samsung phone for the first time; this means users might have to factory reset their phone if they are already using it.
The transfer of WhatsApp chats can be started by setting up the Samsung phone and selecting Smart Switch as the mode of transfer. The device will pop a question and ask the user to scan a QR code on their iPhone through the camera.
The setup process will take a while; once users will boot into Android, they can open WhatsApp and log into their account with the same phone number. If things go smoothly, they would be able to see all the WhatsApp chats on their Samsung phone. “Everything except the peer-to-peer payment information will be imported,” informed Mashable India.
The outlet also noted that currently, the process works only one way- between an iPhone and Samsung phone. Also, the ability to transfer chats between an old Samsung phone to an iPhone is not available yet.

Reports claim Apple might have two major launch events

Washington [US]: Sources that have knowledge of Apple’s supply chain have revealed that the California-based giant might not unveil a slew of products on one event, which is why the company might be planning two of them.
According to Mashable, despite most analysts talking about just one Apple event expected to be held during the third week of September, a report has claimed that the firm might not showcase everything at a single event. However, not everyone appears to be convinced by the report’s claims. What actually is expected is that Apple may hold a September event to unveil products just like the iPhone 13 series, followed by the iPad 9, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods 3.
Apple might then host a separate briefing and launch event in early October of November to announce the M1X MacBook Pro family and therefore the iPad mini 6. The M1X Mac mini might not be a part of Apple’s announcement because it is rumoured to be delayed thanks to marketing reasons.
Assuming the claims of the report are true regarding two September events, it’ll still be a proper move on Apple’s part. Firstly, people expect to witness a slew of product announcements, and showcasing them during a single event means viewers might grow uninterested in the time it takes to unwrap the whole event.
If Apple chooses to make the event concise, the corporate might not give the specified time to every product feature, leaving out some key selling points and discouraging future customers.
However, the worldwide health crisis features a habit of forcing companies like Apple to vary plans at a blink of an eye, so treat this report with a pinch of salt.

FaceTime SharePlay will not be included in initial iOS 15 release

Washington [US]: Apple’s upcoming iOS 15 update is packed with a slew of new features. One particular feature that a lot of users are excited about is FaceTime SharePlay, which will essentially let people share content on their screen with anyone they are in conversation with.
It’s no surprise that Apple is set to introduce iOS 15 potentially next month. But if you are waiting for Apple’s FaceTime SharePlay feature, you might have to wait a little longer as rumour has it that the feature won’t make it to devices at launch, reported The Verge. Apple will release iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS 12 Monterey to the general public next month. While there are a plethora of features to look forward to, FaceTime SharePlay will take its time to be live. Apple will wait a while and then make the feature available with a future iOS 15 update.
In a note to developers, Apple stated, “SharePlay has been disabled for use in iOS and iPadOS 15 developer beta 6 and will be disabled for use in its initial release this fall.”
“SharePlay will be enabled for use again in future developer beta releases and will launch to the public in software updates later this fall. To continue your development, we have provided a SharePlay Development Profile which will enable successful creation and reception of GroupSessions via the Group Activities API,” the company further said.
It is not yet clear when Apple will see fit to announce the feature, but it would not be available at the iOS 15 launch.
SharePlay was touted as one of the leading features of iOS 15 when Apple announced the update at the WWDC event in June. The feature allows users to watch movies and TV shows in sync over FaceTime, collaborate on Apple Music playlists, share their screens, and more.

Apple’s new iPhones may have cinematic video portrait mode

Washington [US]: The upcoming Apple flagship iPhones, will reportedly have a cinematic video feature that will be able to automatically blur the backgrounds of footage as part of a new video portrait mode.
According to The Verge, the ‘cinematic video’ feature is said to be one of the three major new cameras features coming to this year’s iPhone series which will likely be called ‘iPhone 13’. The other two camera features are supported for ‘ProRes’ video recording, and new editing options for pictures.
The upcoming iPhones might have larger apertures in their ultra-wide cameras for better low-light photography.
‘ProRes’ video recording feature will be helpful for video editors, as it will provide them more control over footage once it’s already been shot.
The feature will reportedly have ‘ProRAW’ support, which allows more flexibility while editing photos.
As per The Verge, this year’s iPhones flagship will have a new filter-style editing feature, which will let its users choose a style to apply to their pictures.
The new feature will apply changes to specific elements within photos, rather than uniformly across the whole shot, reported The Verge.
Going by the speculations, the new phones could have faster refresh rates, Pro models could have 120Hz LTPO displays. All iPhone 13 models could have smaller display notches, as well as the traditional boost to processing power with a new A15 chip.
However, The Verge reported that this year’s updates will be “modest,” and “there will be the same variety of models and screen sizes as what we saw last year.”
The reports did not disclose when the new iPhones might be announced, but as per the company’s records, it tends to announce its flagship phones in September each year (the exception was last year when they were announced in October due to the pandemic).

Apple will scan iPhones, iPads for images of child sex abuse

Washington [US]: Tech giant Apple is adding a series of new child-safety features to its next big operating system updates for iPhones and iPads.

As per Variety, as a part of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates later this year, the company will implement a feature to detect photos stored in iCloud Photos that depict sexually explicit activities involving children. “This will enable Apple to report these instances to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC),” the company said in a notice on its website. NCMEC acts as a reporting centre for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and works in collaboration with law enforcement agencies across the US.

According to Apple, its method of detecting known CSAM is “designed with user privacy in mind.” The company said it is not directly accessing customers’ photos but instead is using a device-local, hash-based matching system to detect child abuse images.

Apple also said it can’t actually see user photos or the results of such scans unless there’s a hit.
If there’s a match between a user’s photos and the CSAM database, Apple then manually reviews each report to confirm the presence of sexually explicit images of children, then will disable the user’s account and send a report to NCMEC.

If a user feels their account has been mistakenly flagged, according to Apple, “they can file an appeal to have their account reinstated.”

The system provides a high level of accuracy that ensures less than a one-in-1-trillion chance per year of incorrectly flagging a given account, according to Apple.

In addition, with Apple’s iOS 15 update, the iPhone’s Messages app will add new tools to warn children and their parents if they are receiving or sending sexually explicit photos.

“When receiving this type of content, the photo will be blurred and the child will be warned, presented with helpful resources, and reassured it is okay if they do not want to view this photo,” Apple said.
The tech giant added, “As an additional precaution, the child can also be told that, to make sure they are safe, their parents will get a message if they do view it. Similar protections are available if a child attempts to send sexually explicit photos.”

Apple’s iOS 15 also will provide updates to Siri and Search to “provide parents and children expanded information and help if they encounter unsafe situations.”

Siri and Search will intervene when users try to search for child sexual abuse material, displaying prompts that will “explain to users that interest in this topic is harmful and problematic, and provide resources from partners to get help with this issue.”

The iOS 15 update is slated to be available in the fall of 2021, available for iPhone 6s and later models.

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