PlayShifu launches AI-Powered product line Tacto

New Delhi [India] : Popular toy brand, PlayShifu, has launched the first-ever phygital (physical plus digital) board games Tacto with four innovative products Tacto Chess, Tacto Classics, Tacto Coding and Tacto Laser that help merge essential skills with playtime.Built on innovative touch technology and AI, Tacto by PlayShifu turns a user’s tablet into an interactive game where the player gets to use real figurines to drive the games on the screen. Tacto is the third flagship line from PlayShifu-the innovators behind Orboot and Plugo-with all products focusing on building a full spectrum of 20 foundational skills through fun and interactive gameplay. With a global presence, the brand is carving a niche by going beyond STEM and STEAM, through the #PowerofPlay. Talking about the new board game experience, PlayShifu co-founder and CEO Vivek Goyal, said, “Tacto series is one of our best innovations for making…

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