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Battle of Garibpur’s 50th anniversary, marks India-Pakistan’s first direct encounter in 1971

Dhaka [Bangladesh] : India and Pakistan’s first direct encounter in the War of Independence for Bangladesh took place fifty years ago on November 21. Armies of both nations were well-equipped with tanks and fighter jets at Garibpur near Khulna’s Boyra.Reports say, Indian army had destroyed 13 M24 Chaffee light tanks and two F-86 Sabres (fighter jet) along with capturing of two Pakistani air officials by Muktibahini, reported Bangladesh Live News. Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta, the second-in-command of India’s then 45th Cavalry C Squadron, believes that the Indian army could have advanced to Jessore Cantonment in East Pakistan following the victory in the battle of Garibpur. But the squadron commander Major Daljit Singh Narang, who was responsible to give instructions, had died during the combat. While Pakistan’s army had been attacking Indian territory and Mukti Bahini Camps through tanks and warplanes.Reportedly, two weeks before Indira…

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