Russia detects Pakistan move to illegally procure dual-use material for its Chashma nuke plant

New Delhi [India] : Pakistan’s attempt to procure dual-use material from Russia got a rude jolt, it is learnt that there was a deal between private companies of Pakistan and Russia for procurement of ‘hand-foot contamination indicator’ by Pakistan, the Russian side backed out from the deal after it learnt that the items were meant for Pakistan’s nuclear plant at Chashma.According to details accessed by ANI, the Export Control Administration, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of Russia, refused to issue a license for exporting six hand-foot-contamination monitors by M/s Tehnocenter Ltd., Mendeleevo (Russia) to M/s Hassan Scientific corporation, Lahore, after realizing that the end-user was Chashma Nuclear Power Generating Station (CNPGS). The Russian Government has been closely observing the efforts by Pakistani companies to procure critical products from the European market and have been extra cautious about such procurement from Russia.…

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