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The Rise Of Vegan Beauty Products

While sustainability has been the buzzword in beauty and fashion industry for quite some time now, another phenomenon to have gained traction is cruelty-free cosmetics. Referring to the beauty products that haven’t been tested on animals, or do not contain any ingredients derived from animals, there is increasing curiosity about such range of cosmetics. And it has brought vegan beauty products into the spotlight. Vegan cosmetic products use raw materials of botanical, vegetable and mineral origin. “Over the past few years, awareness about vegan, natural and organic products has increased, which has led to the increase in demand for products that offer clean beauty,” says Rupali Sharma, founder, Aegte Organics, a skin care brand. Muskaan Mundhra, director of cosmetic brand Serein, admits that since the pandemic consumer preference has shifted towards eco-friendly products. “People are becoming cautious and aware of the labels that have…

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