The Rise and Fall of Supermodel Suzy Perez

Suzy Perez Career, A breast cancer survivor, Drug Addiction, Family & Son
Suzy Perez was a supermodel in the 90s and 2000. The former dancer and model were featured in several fashion magazines. 

Do you know about the tragic transformation of Suzy Perez career and life? Suzy Perez, a Dominican-born model, was one of the vixens in the early 2000s.

She was a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez and P.Diddy shows. Later her life events and drug addiction brought her here from grace’s top grass. Keep reading to know more about life story of supermodel Suzy Perez.

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Who is Suzy Perez?

Suzy pérez was one of the demanding celebrities of the 90s and 2000. A Dominican-born, came to the USA kick started her career from entertainment industry.

Her caramel complexion, dark, long hair, and to-die-for body figure helped her collect all the praise in dance videos.

In addition, she starred in music videos for the top musicians and singers. Furthermore, her picture-perfect figure and attractive face helped her get popularity in several fashion magazines.

Unfortunately, her life took a toll, and drug addiction, mental health illness, and family matters sparked her downside of the spiral. With the latest news, she is on her way to health, recovery, and life.


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Let’s take a close look at her life story. 

Suzy Perez’s Career

Suzy Perez started her career by featuring her body and face as dancer. She belonged to the Dominican Republic but moved to the US for a career hunt. Suzy Perez Entered the entertainment sector and started working as a backstage dancer and model.

She had a lovely home and a cherished life in her glory days. She was featured in many magazines including BlackmenSSX. Suzy Perez’s music videos with amazing singers got her recognition and the popularity that she deserved.

According to the resources, trouble started when she started a new contract with an alleged Italian mafia as a model agency. Unknown men treated her badly and made her body accustomed to the drugs.

For some time, she disappeared, and no one knew about her whereabouts. Her career ended miserably, and she was found telling about her rape and faded beauty.

Suzy Perez: A breast cancer survivor.

Suzy Perez was popular for her dancing skills in the United States. She was living her American dream, working in the best industry with top musicians and enjoying a charming lifestyle.

Resources share that she is a breast cancer survivor. Her team arranges to take her to the doctor despite the resistance.

Finally, she was admitted to the medical center and was treated well. Later she made an Instagram account and showed that she was gaining weight. Her captions radiated positivity and hope.

Drug Addiction:

Suzy Perez was working with the modeling agency, which on one side, helped her grow in her career, but the men running the agency had some heinous plans.

The reports state that some unknown men from the agency groped her, brutalized her, rapped her, and made her a drug addict.

As a result, her body grew accustomed to the various drugs, including heroin, leading to severe addiction.

Meanwhile, her family made their best to get rehabilitation services. Her son also started a campaign GoFindMe for Suzy Perez, but she started using the given money to buy drugs.

She vanished from the media for several months and was discovered in the streets of New York in 2019. She was found in a miserable state, begging for money and eating from the trash.

However, she made true efforts to cope with the addiction and created an Instagram page. However, trying desperately, she failed miserably and gave up fighting, and went into relapse.

Suzy Perez Family & Son:

During her modeling peak, she was involved in a relationship and had a son. During an interview, she made comments about her son.

Then, looking into the camera, she said: “I love you, my son, and want you to know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Touched by this heartfelt message, Univision tried to reach out to her son and made a reunion possible.

She met her son and sobbed for a few minutes. Then, she declared that she would fight to get her life back on track. Her son had been in danger for his mother’s drug addiction.

She disappeared from the relationship, and her partner cared for her son. Because of her unstable mental state and drug addiction, she lost custody of her son. After the divorce, she didn’t reunite and couldn’t live or see her son anymore.

Where is Suzy Perez Now?

In 2019, Univision reporter Geneva Solano found her on the living streets. Unfortunately, she couldn’t receive any help or treatment and signed herself out of rehab again.

Suzy Perez’s family tried their best to support her emotionally and financially. They asked her fans and followers for support, and people also funded her family with a GoFundMe campaign.

However, after the campaigns, the people were devastated when Suzy relapsed. Her nephew wrote on Twitter that they appreciate your support, and the family has tried to convince Suzy for rehab, but she refused.

She also denied housing and staying at psych to continue the drugs. She is still alive and roams the street after unsuccessful attempts to rehabilitate herself.

Witnesses reveal that she dances now on the streets to get the money for drugs. She cries desperately and tells the people her side of the story, how she was raped and that she is no longer a model. Her former life as a model is now confined to the past.


Suzy Perez’s story is a lesson for everyone looking to find something from her story. But unfortunately, her drug addiction left her on the grass.

She is now living in the streets after dreaming and living the best of the house in her glory. But we hope that someday she will get enough courage and will be back to a normal life.

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